Over the course of a weekend, three couples experience the complications of long distance relationships and modern love.

"A powerful film that has the ability to make you laugh and/or cry, but most of all, it is enthralling. Another brilliant piece of work from a talented director and his talented team. Simply sublime." 
- ScreenCritix (

"The aesthetic and tone of this indie film is so genuine and heartfelt, it feels like everything is fresh." 
- UKFilmReview (

"Every shot feels like it was crafted... Almost immediately you'll be caught up in this fictional, yet strangely real world of people that could live next door."
- IndyRed (



Starring Calista Fooks, Sam Macdonald, Christopher Kay, Roe Coleman, Gabrielle Savrone and Chris Gibson.
Edited by Brock Shekelton (
Cinematography by Filip Laureys (
Music by Zac Corrie (
Produced by Chris Gibson and Nic Barker
Written and Directed by Nic Barker (

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